The Gaming Board of Tanzania

The Gaming Board of Tanzania

The Gaming Board of Tanzania is the official regulatory authority tasked with the licensing, monitoring, and oversight of gaming-related activities across Tanzania. The Gaming Board of Tanzania was established under the Gaming Act Cap 41, on July 1, 2003.

The East African country of Tanzania welcomed a new era in gaming, with the establishment of the Gaming Board of Tanzania. Previously, all gaming activity in the country fell under the purview of the Pools & Lottery Act of 1967, in tandem with the National Lotteries Act of 1974.

After various legislative reforms in 1985, and 1992, the bedrock of the Gaming Board of Tanzania was formed with the National Policy on Gaming Activities, resulting in the creation of the Gaming Board of Tanzania.

The core services of the gaming board of Tanzania include licensing-related activity (fees, forms, and information), legislative services (regulations, acts, and policy decrees), forms (taxation and application forms), systems and applications (e-Office, GREMS, and GLICA).

Licensing and Regulation: How The Gaming Board Of Tanzania Operates

It takes approximately 30 days to obtain a gaming license after an application has successfully been submitted. According to the legislation, the tenure of gaming licenses for commercial activities of the National Lottery is 1 year, and is renewable. For National Lottery Licensing, the tenure is 8 years.

The United Republic of Tanzania, Chapter 41, the Gaming Act was revised in 2019 and signed into law by Attorney General, Adelardus L. Kilangi. There are several types of gaming licenses, including casino licenses, slot machines, manufacturer certificate for manufacture of gaming equipment, seller’s distribution license, key gaming employee license, accreditation licenses, retail gaming licenses, lottery licenses, virtual games licenses, et al.

The statutory functions of the board include fees, levies, and taxation-related matters, the provision, issuance, and withdrawal of gaming licenses, policy guidelines, and the fostering of a viable, competitive, and a transparent gaming industry in Tanzania.

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