Online Gambling in Tanzania

Online Gambling in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the most progressive nations on the African continent when it comes to gambling related legislation, having legalized gambling back in 1992 and online gambling in 1999.

Tanzania’s gambling market has registered impressive growth in the last couple of years and with ever improving conditions both in terms of popularity as well as in terms of the legal system, the future truly looks bright for the gambling industry in this country.

The country’s improving economy is one of the leading reasons why the market is growing with more and more local users choosing the services of local based online casinos. The growth can be seen in both online and land-based gambling establishments with a reported 20% growth for gambling transactions being registered in 2012 alone.

A short history

Gambling was made legal back in 1992 with the Investment Promotion and Protection Act. The industry is regulated by the Gaming Board of Tanzania also known as the GBT. The country currently boasts 8 land based casinos which include both table games and slots. Tanzania also organizes a national lottery which is overseen by the Gaming Board of Tanzania as well. Among growing gambling related industries we can mention sports betting, which is most often done through foreign agencies.

The legal aspect

Land-based casinos and traditional gambling operations aren’t the only legal ways of gambling in the country. Online gambling is also legal in Tanzania with an amendment made to the Gaming Control Act. The amendment was established in 1999, legalizing online gambling while also creating a well defined system which allows specialized government agencies to offer licenses for sports betting, lotteries as well as other wagering operations.

Since the implementation of this amendment, the local online casino industry has seen a powerful growth both in terms of active operations as well as popularity.

In fact, the progressive set of laws set in place in the late 1990s has led to the creation of the first online casino on the African continent. The iplay8 online casino was created in 2013 in Tanzania and can be accessed throughout Africa being licensed with the Gaming Board of Tanzania.

A growing popularity

With gambling based transactions being at an all-time high and an air-tight legal system protecting users while also allowing online casino operators freedom to grow their business the future of online gambling in Tanzania certainly looks bright. This is, of course, also reflected in the growing number of local and foreign players.

Looking ahead

More online casinos are expected to get licensing from the Tanzanian Gaming Board while popularity of online casino services is also expected to grow both for the foreign and local market.

The guide

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